But when I was about 12, I was working on The Horse Whisperer. I’d made probably five or six movies at that point. I was doing a lot of really emotional work - but I remember finding that place of realizing, “Oh, wait, I can manipulate this thing that I’m doing.” I could start to see the colors of the scenes and to understand the nuances of what went into giving a performance. It was this realization that acting was more than just this natural thing—that it was something that you could craft.

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fan-art of game Journey, sketch for Holly McGillis :)

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Peeta Mellark and Johanna Mason portraits posted by Capitol Couture

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cross your fingers
i’m going to knock it all down
can i graduate

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Maybe there’s someone inside…

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Craft time was a success!!!

Craft day!! Wish me luck.

things I want in life: a transformers purse

things I won’t get: a transformers purse

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every time I see this it gets reblogged

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Character: Loki

Series: Thor

Cosplayer: Panterona Cosplay (Trinidad)

Photographer: Guru Kast



ever thought about writing something for an “asylum” or “serial killer” AU? well, you’re in luck, because I have some tips for you:

  • don’t

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Hawkeye #19 was well worth the wait. I thought nothing would ever top Pizza Dog.

#19 is mostly in sign language with very little subtitles showing just how awesome the medium of comics can be.

I need to buy this right now.
Though I have to stop crying first.

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